March 12, 2017

Padre have a special place in our hearts. They were the Three Thousand Thieves first featured roaster, with owner Marinus giving us our chance to begin a concept that would share Melbourne’s best coffee to the world. It’s their belief in progressiveness and commitment to sharing great coffee also that kicked off our love story with them. And like any good lover, the lust has grown to admiration and awe.

Based out of Brunswick, Padre has a vibe that transcends the hype. With a beautiful warehouse as their foundation, their connection to the community around them is what has made them the local epicentre of coffee and catch ups.

There is a team commitment to education showcased through events like free public cuppings for the local and coffee community alike, and unique palate training events in April and May aimed at bridging the gap of enjoyment and discernment (limited seats in April and May so get involved).

“Enthusiastic, unpretentious coffee lovers are the foundation of our company.”

This month we’re proud to have worked with the Padre team to release an exclusive Rwanda Inzovu single origin for your drinking pleasure, for both filter and espresso. Padre roaster and online coffee superstar Matty De Angelis gave us the lowdown on this coffee and how it was roasted on the Loring.

“While a pleasure to work with, it's the characteristics of the Loring that make it amazing; it produces clean crisp flavours while minimising the acidity of the beans. Overall you get a brighter cup.”

Padre are one of a small handful of roasters using a Loring. Apart from the flavour differences and lack of roast taint due to even heat distribution, they’re also one of the most environmentally friendly tools to roast with, with zero emissions and minimal gas needed.

A nice benefit, especially due to Padre’s Brunswick heritage. Because of the absolute depth of this coffee this Rwandan coffee single roasted light for filter coffees and slightly different profile for espresso is a great standout. Luscious green apples and bold fruity flavours cover the mouth. This is an exciting coffee from one of the most progressive coffee brands in Australia. Padre and 3tt are glad to have shared this delicious moment with you.

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