It's Always Sunny in Brookvale

Barrel One Coffee Roasters



Barrel One Coffee Roasters is nestled in one of the few remaining industrial areas of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, in the suburb of Brookvale. Only the second New South Wales based roaster ever featured by Three Thousand Thieves, Barrel One stand out for the rarity and quality of their coffee, their passion and the amazing list of accolades the company has piled up since their founding.

Running the show at Barrel One is green buyer and roaster Daniel Agapiou. Daniel and his award winning team of coffee merchants and roasters have sourced and produced some of the world’s finest and rarest coffees since 2012. After working in the hospitality industry for many years, Daniel decided to take the plunge and follow a personal passion to found his own coffee label. He started working in a cafe and roastery in Sydney that eventually led him to an origin trip to Tanna Island in Vanuatu. Looking back, Daniel describes that trip as a watershed event in his coffee journey.

“I was highly influenced by the people on Tanna Island and from that experience I was inspired to create something of my own.”

Barrel One Coffee nurtures farmer cooperatives and estates that are self-sustaining. They back sustainable agricultural practices and source directlyfrom co-operatives as much as possible. Daniel and his team believe that independent farmers are critical to the success of artisan coffee industry.

For this month’s stunning espresso offering, Daniel has selected the Solera Blend. This mouth-watering fusion of Sumatran, Columbian and Guatemalan beans is designed to cut through milky coffees, producing a nutty-bodied roast with notes of sweet cacao, dried apricot and raisin. “Solera has been a crowd favourite since its conception in 2012. We’re constantly refining and improving this coffee, working alongside some talented coffee producers,” says Daniel.

If brewed on a commercial espresso machine, Daniel recommends:

Dose: 23.5 grams
Yield: 38 grams
Extraction time: 24 seconds

For our filter fans, we think you’ll love this coffee’s juicy- sweet character. The Penas Blancas features notes of ruby

grapefruit and red apple - followed by a smooth caramel mouthfeel to finish. This coffee is super clean - just as you would expect from coffee grown in the Huila region of Colombia. “Penas Blancas is grown along the outskirts of Pitalito, Huila in an area surrounded by ancient oaks, mountain springs, and a vast forest reserve. The region is stunningly beautiful, just like the coffee,” says Daniel.


Dose: 15 grams

Yield: 200 grams

Extraction time: 2 mins

Alternatively, if you’re a Moccamaster/Breville Home Brewer, try this recipe:

Dose: 70 grams

Yield: 1 L
Extraction time: 5 min

Barrel One is currently being showcased at The Coffee Movement in San Francisco for the American summer, alongside some of the best coffees on the Pacific West Coast. Their head roaster, Takumi Sakamoto, just took out the ASCA roasting championship in Melbourne and will be heading to the ASCA World Roasting Competition later this year.

We hope you love Barrel One Coffee as much as we do – and if you happen to be in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a visit to their HQ and Café for some amazing food is highly recommended!







Back To Square One

Square One Coffee Roasters



We’re excited to reintroduce Square One Coffee as August’s featured roaster.

Since its inception in 2014 Square One has developed an outstanding reputation for consistently supplying amazing coffees to some of Melbourne’s top high-volume cafés, including Higher Ground, The Kettle Black, and Top Paddock. For this month’s featured coffees, we chatted with Elika Rowell - Head Roaster and Green Buyer, about Square One’s social and environmental collaboration with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF Coffees) in Brazil.

“FAF are doing an amazing job in Brazil. Led by Silvia Barretto, her husband, Marcos Croce, and their son, Felipe Croce, the family produces coffees that are consistently high in quality and don’t taste like typical Brazilian beans. They have a very unique project called Bobolink from which both of these coffees come.

Bobolink coffees are all family produced and conform to FAF’s “triple bottom line” business model – that emphasizes balanced rewards for “people, profit and planet.”

The Bobolink coffees are grown in one of the highest producing regions in Brazil. With altitudes ranging from 1000-1400 meters, this coffee is all family farmed on small plots of land. According to Elika, “Instead of treating coffee as a homogenous product, they focus on smaller lots and harvesting unique flavors. This includes a network of farmers working together and exchanging information in order to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the most special coffees in the world. Their philosophy is to achieve the highest quality out of each bean while taking into account social and environmental responsibility.”

And it’s not just Square One’s ethical sourcing initiatives that will impress - this month’s coffees are also sure to blow your taste buds away. For our espresso fans we have Brazil Bobolink Pirapitinga Valley - with notes of chocolate, plum and honey. Elika recommends the following recipe:


Dose: 21
Yield: 46
Extraction time: 28-32secs

For our filter lovers we’re featuring Brazil Bobolink Serra do Cigano Valley Reserva with some beautiful cherry, peach and cream notes. The Serra do Cigano Valley and wet mill sits in the mountains bordering the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Try these recipes for your filter blend:


  • 15g coffee: 250g water: Total contact time 2:45 minutes. Bloom 45g with agitation until at 30 sec add the rest of the water in a steady stream. Finish with two stirs.


  • 12g coffee: 200g water: Total contact time 1:25 min. Use a finer grind than you would with a v60. Traditional Aeropress method. Bloom 40g water with quick agitation. Add the rest of the water straight away. Cap with inner chamber. Start pressing at 50 seconds. Aim to complete press by 1:25min.

We love the fact that this month’s head roaster Elika Rowell, and the leader of FAF Coffees in Brazil, Silvia Barretto, are both pioneering women in the coffee industry. Each is blazing a path in a typically male dominated field, and we are all the better for it. And so is the coffee. Enjoy!


Visit Square One Coffee Roasters: 58/76 Stephenson St, Cremorne VIC 3121


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Grass Roots Campaigner

Criteria Coffee Roasters




Craig Simon, Founder and Director of Criteria Coffee, would make an excellent campaign manager. His view of the coffee world starts, begins and ends with the idea of community and education. Many artisan coffee roasters believe in building a sense of community or togetherness in their approach to coffee. But with Simon, this belief goes way beyond the hypothetical, and is truly built into the core of Criteria Coffee Roasters.

Based in Port Melbourne at one of the most beautifully designed roasting facilities we’ve ever seen, at Criteria, you have a sense that you’re attending a lecture or a workshop at a world-renowned university. Criteria’s home base is literally built for teaching, for training, and for motivating the next generation of coffee professionals. According to Simon, coffee is so much more than the bean and the roast – “coffee is a blend of knowledge and experience” he says, “for us the ultimate mark of success is empowering others to take their own coffee journey.”

Simon is so dedicated to the proposition of educating and motivating others to action, that on any given day you might find a new batch of baristas being put through their paces, or an industry newcomer roasting their own coffee on Criteria’s own equipment. The business is styled: a creative collaborative shared coffee roasting space. New age? Sure. But Simon, a 3-time Australian Barista Champion, can back it up. He’s Australia’s first certified Q Grade Instructor, and has a keen interest in teaching, developed as a music instructor and a performing musician earlier in his career. Like many hard-core coffee evangelists, he’s also done the “hard yards” in the coffee business, starting as a barista, and acquiring roasting, grading and other skills along the way. When it comes to coffee, Simon’s tastes are broad, and he believes that anyone can roast incredible coffee, with the right tools and guidance.

“Criteria is about educating the next generation – we offer ‘guided roasting’ to Melbourne’s cafes and coffee businesses, we host regular free onehour workshops and offer a selection of specialised training courses including the three-day Diedrich Roasting Course which has previously only been held in the States.” In introducing this month’s coffee, Simon highlights the interplay of flavours in our Espresso blend: “this blend is crafted to get the best out of both beans - the chocolate notes and creamy body of the Brazilian beans pair perfectly VIC with the red fruit, cherry and apricot flavours the Ethiopia bean brings.”

For this month’s filter bean, Kenya Kianderi PB, Simon loves the blackberry and blackcurrant flavours with under notes of vanilla. “This coffee is a perfect example of the best small lot coffees from the Kirinyaga district. It has a clean and beautiful flavour profile.”

Preparation: ESPRESSO

Dose 22 grams

Yield: 40 grams

Extraction time: 22-24 seconds


18 grams coffee, water at 93 degrees, 300g water in total. Pour 1 50g bloom for 30 secs, pour 2 with 150g, and pour 3 with 100g. We believe that you’ll love our selections from Criteria Coffee Roasting this month. If “The Crowd Pleaser” and “Kenya Kianderi PB” were on a ballot, they’d be getting our votes! Enjoy