disposing of your pods

When it comes to disposing of your coffee pods, there are three types that you may receive through your subscription. These pods will vary each month depending on the roaster we partner with. We're committed to promoting environmentally-friendly practices, so here are some guidelines on how to dispose of each type responsibly.

Aluminium Pods

& Compostable Pods

'Biocap' Pods


The Nespresso® coffee capsule recycling program accepts all brands of aluminium coffee capsules. There are two ways to recycle your aluminium pods through Nespresso: Bring your used coffee capsules to the nearest Nespresso Boutique or participating collection points, or use a bulk recycling box to collect on behalf of your community or workplace.

Please visit the Nespresso┬« website to find your nearest recycling point. 

biodegradable/compostable pods   & 'biocap' pods

Our biodegradable and compostable coffee pods can be disposed of in your green waste bin or home compost bin, as they meet Australian standards for biodegradability and compostability. For further details on how to manage compostable goods, kindly refer to your local council or waste management program. 

* Nespresso┬« is a registered trademark of Societe de Produits Nestle SA. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product in any way.