Father’s Day Gift Box

Father's Day Gift Box
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This year give dad a gift he can truly enjoy.

Bringing you three amazing coffees produced by the best Australian artisan coffee roasters. Finally, a gift he won’t want to stash at the back of the cupboard.

Dad’s package will include coffee from these three Melbourne roasters:

Criteria Coffee
At Criteria Coffee, you have a sense that you’re attending a lecture or a workshop at a world-renowned university. Criteria’s home base is literally built for teaching, for training, and for motivating the next generation of coffee professionals. According to Craig Simon, Founder and Director of Criteria Coffee, coffee is so much more than the bean and the roast – “coffee is a blend of knowledge and experience” he says, “for us the ultimate mark of success is empowering others to take their own coffee journey.”

In the box from Criteria Coffee is:
Dari Kojuwa Guji Grade 1 (FILTER)
Location: Ethiopia
Flavour notes: Red fruits, cherry, plum, dark chocolate, tropical, syrupy, juicy.

Wood and Co Coffee Roasters
Aaron Wood, founder of Brunswick, Victoria’s Wood and Co Coffee takes his coffee very seriously. This is not to suggest that Aaron and his roasting teammates are a humourless, always-focused-on-the-task lot. Quite the opposite in fact. They are fun, and quirky, and artistic - everything that you would expect from coffee tragics... it’s just that Aaron and the rest of the Wood and Co crew really, really know their coffee.

In the box from Wood and Co is:
Sitio Das Nascentes (FILTER)
Washed and Sun Dried
Location: Brazil
Flavour notes: Blackberry, malt, red currant

Cartel Coffee Roasters
Nathan and the team are some of the most excitable and passionate coffee people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Importantly, they’re not just obsessed with amazing coffee. They are continually focused on finding new ways to discover dedicated families and farms and creative approaches to bringing their coffee to life. Finding success with high quality coffee production comes with time, dedication, and education.

In the box from Cartel Coffee Roasters is:
Pedro Condeso (FILTER)
Location: Peru
Flavour notes: Sweet blackberries and blueberries with dried red currants, rich sticky honey, molasses and creamy milk chocolate.

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