September 15, 2014

The New Local Favourite.

The Australian coffee drinker is the most discerning coffee connoisseur in the world. Fact. We appreciate locality, we celebrate the subtleties of flavours, varietals and roasting techniques that makes each coffee blend unique. The flavours that we crave are a result of a caffeine subculture that derived from an immigrant past. Our evolution of appreciation means we’re constantly on the lookout for coffee that is going to surprise us and delight the senses.

A new roasting team on the block has done just that; they’ve taken the love for their local coffee one step further, roasting a blend uniquely for our sunburnt palette that delights and surprises.

‘We’re here to create something special, only to be used locally, for the enjoyment of the people around us’

This month we introduce blend No. 141 from Locale Espresso (pronounced {Lo-ka-leh}), a skunkworks coffee operation roasted locally in Collingwood, Melbourne, backed by Lavazza globally for the Australian coffee fiend.

“We’re here to create something special, only to be used locally, for the enjoyment of the people around us who believe in what we’re trying to do” says their head roaster, Christiano. “That is our philosophy behind the Locale experiment”.

David (left), Christiano (centre), and Ed (right) are the brains trust behind this little venture operating out of a beautiful warehouse just behind iconic Collingwood Victoria Park. Melbourne locals and coffee veterans David and Ed humbly insist that Christiano is the star of this show. With over 25 years of roasting experience in over four countries, Christiano’s experience is invaluable. Together with David and Ed’s local guidance, this troika have been testing, tasting and tinkering to find a combination that blows the senses. And they’ve perfected it in No.141.

The No. 141 blend is a well-rounded sip. From the regions of Sidamo, Cerrado and Cauca in Ethopia, Brazil and Colombia respectively, this blend’s disposition focuses on flavourful bursts of blueberries, alluring red spices and a hit of peanut butter. Delicious as both an espresso or through the filter; these robust flavours speak for themselves.

We ask the boys what’s next for Locale, and true to their name, they want to keep it tight for now. “We want to continue experimenting with the best beans and varietals to create something unique for the most sophisticated coffee connoisseurs in the world; Australians.”

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Photos by Bobby & Tide. 

Stay in touch with Locale via Instagram @localeespresso 

locale espresso

locale espresso

locale espresso