February 13, 2018

Bathysphere: Espresso Blend

Moon Pix: Filter Blend

A coffee journey like no other...

Here at Three Thousand Thieves, we’re always on a mission to experience the most delicious flavours Melbourne can offer. We travel near and far to source the best beans, then bring you along on the flavour voyage with us. And of all the roasters we’ve ever featured, no other aligns quite as perfectly with our coffee philosophy as Wide Open Road. Their offering this month, curated by Director of Coffee Dylan Hewitt, is guaranteed to take 3tt members on a journey that’s out of this world.

Teaming up with in-house artist Adam Parata (Instagram @adamparata), Wide Open Road’s coffee range will take you to another world: somewhere faraway, where you can leave your troubles behind for adventure, exploration, and a damn fine cup of coffee. 

First off, we’re oh-so excited to be featuring their brand-spanking-new filter blend, the Moon Pix. Affectionately named after Cat Power’s influential album, the dreamy, space-inspired packaging will make you want to wish upon a star. Whether you're using a manual pour-over such as a V60, an automatic batch brewer, AeroPress or just your trusty sharehouse plunger, the Moon Pix is designed to be consistently well-balanced, sweet and vibrant.

“With the rise of batch brewers at home as well as in cafés, we felt the demand for a filter option that brews consistently, without the need to constantly change a lot of variables,” says Dylan.

Made up of mouthwatering washed Nicaragua Selva Negra and washed Burundi Ngozi, the Moon Pix delivers a balance of sweetness, body and vibrant acidity. It’s a stunner no matter which filter style you choose. 

For the espresso lovers, Wide Open Road are featuring a classic: the Bathysphere Blend. Made up of beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya, you can expect a big, bold body bursting with caramel and dark chocolate sweetness and a soft, fruity finish. This little beauty is particularly well-balanced, both shining in milk and when served black. The artwork for the Bathysphere reflects its name and profile: a deep-sea observer, lowered by cable from a ship... this is a coffee that dives into new and uncharted depths of flavour. 

When brewed on a La Marzocco Linea Classic, Dylan recommends the following recipe for the Bathysphere:

  • Starting point: 94°C water temperature, 8 bar pressure, 21g dose, and 40g yield over 28 seconds. 

And it’s not just at home that you can experience Wide Open Road’s delicious coffee: in addition to their iconic flagship café and roastery in Brunswick, they also boast gorgeous venues in Carlton (Heartattack and Vine), Collingwood (Terror Twillight), and even Castlemaine (Theatre Royal and Bistro Lola).

So sit back and enjoy this month’s mouthwatering coffees, as we take you on a journey: one that transports you to another world, where all you have to worry about is exploring new and excitingly dreamy flavours.


Visit Wide Open Road: 

274 Barkley St, Brunswick, Vic, 3065

Instagram @wideopenroadcoffeeroasters