September 25, 2017

Kenyan Njukiri Forest (Filter)

Bond St (Espresso)

The specialty coffee world, while always portraying itself as a purveyor of greatness and acceptance, is often one of the most judgmental and intimidating industries. Follow the rules or fear being ostracised from the community. 

Often consumers are blissfully ignorant of a roaster's origins or intent; you could say they're looking at the "book cover", rather than the contents, authenticity and engagement of the book itself. Simply put: if it looks and sounds like a fancy coffee brand, people think it is.

Substance, focus, experience and talent are all key ingredients in making a delicious cup, but in also creating a progressive coffee brand. It’s here that we find ourselves featuring some amazing coffee from a legacy brand that truly delivers on all these things and more. Veneziano Coffee Roasters is one of those brands most people know, but have rarely understood the degree of experience and talent that goes into the coffee they produce.

Predetermined misconceptions often cast a doubt-cloud over experiencing this brand for what it truly is: some of the most accomplished people in coffee, working day-in, day-out to make an experience second to none, with the scale and relationships to find the best coffee in the world. And we don’t say this lightly. After seeing first-hand their resources and incredible team - with only one clear objective of creating stunning coffee every time - we put away any doubt and began to embrace the flavours Veneziano have put forward. 

When it comes to talent, the four pictured here are just a small sample of the type we’re talking about:

Jade Jennings – Southern Region Barista Champion 2016 & 2017 – two years in a row. Placed 3rd National Barista Championships 2017 & Runner Up National Barista Championship 2016
Jack Allisey – First Australian Coffee Roasting Champion and heading to worlds to compete in China this December 2017
Craig Simon – 2012 and 2014 Australian Barista Champion, also the first certified Q Grade Instructor in Australia (there are 6 more certified Q-graders within Veneziano itself!)

Pat Connolly – Brewers Cup judge and roasting/ barista competitor coach

The flavours of these coffees are quite simply outstanding. Both the espresso and the filter have power cupping scores of +87!

The filter coffee comes to us from the Kathangariri cooperative and is sourced from small farmers on the outskirts of the Njukiri Forest, who are blessed with rich, fertile, red volcanic soil and perfect growing conditions. Kenya is a coffee origin that provides exceptional quality and amazing flavour profiles through traditional processing techniques. This Kenyan filter has a vibrant sparkling acidity, representing a cola-like sweetness and creamy mouthfeel that makes you want to sing, then finishes off with a splash of the reminiscence of a tropical Prima. 

For the espresso drinkers, we’re excited to see a natural Ethiopian back in Veneziano’s seasonal blend, the Bond St. From the fertile soils around the Wonberta Mill in Kercha, South Oromia, this is a great example of a naturally processed Ethiopian, with notes of strawberry jam, jasmine and honey. Veneziano has paired two beautiful origins for this release and partnered the rich, fruit-driven Wonberta with a coffee from their friends at San Fernando Estate in Colombia, which brings balance and acidity to the blend.

Substance, focus, experience, and talent, Veneziano has delivered to Three Thousand Thieves members in spades. A brand with a legacy that dates back to when coffee first made its moves in Melbourne, Veneziano has evolved into a specialty coffee powerhouse that seems to have happened right under our noses. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Instagram: @venezianocoffeeroasters