December 22, 2017

Kindred Harvest (3tt Exclusive)

San Lorenzo

When you think of the festive season, giving often comes to mind - whether it be gifts, spending time with loved ones, or sharing a meal (or in our case, sharing a brew!) This month, Five Senses have taken the notion of giving to the next level: not only giving us a world coffee exclusive, but also giving away a $15,000 Synesso espresso machine!

Let’s start with this month’s delicious coffees.

“Knowing how passionate the 3tt community is about their coffee, we wanted to create something unique and so looked to our fresh crop arrivals,” says Ben Bicknell, Five Senses’ Strategic Projects Manager.

Created as a world exclusive only for 3tt members, the Kindred Harvest pairs direct trade, fresh crop Veer Attikan (India) with Vista Al Bosque (Guatemala). Despite being located on opposite sides of the world, these producers share common, ‘kindred’ harvest times. The result makes perfect sense in the cup: the Veer Attikan brings depth and a soft spiced, chocolatey flavour, while the Vista Al Bosque is smooth with a peachy apricot brightness; tasting exquisite both in milk and black - or even as an espresso tonic!

If you’re brewing the Kindred Harvest on a commercial espresso machine,

  • Try a 21g dose, 94.5°C temperature and 43g yield over 28sec.

With fresh crop Guatemalan coffees arriving at their roastery, Five Senses were excited to celebrate another producer from this region for this month’s filter offering. Being long-term fans of his farm Santa Isabel, Five Senses are featuring coffee from Wicho Valdez’s other farm, San Lorenzo. Simply stunning, this filter showcases notes of caramelized peach, a slightly syrupy body and hints of lavender to finish.

At this time of year when travel is often on the cards, we’re big fans of the portability of an AeroPress:

  • Use 13g of the San Lorenzo, add 200g of filtered water just off the boil, stir for 10sec, cap and let steep for 2min before pressing over 15sec.

But it’s not only great coffee that Five Senses have on offer - they’re also giving away an incredible Synesso MVP Hydra, valued at over $15,000! This custom-built beauty is a single group version of the commercial beast gracing leading cafes across the globe. Every time you buy anything from the Five Senses webshop (or refer a friend), your name goes into the draw to win!*

Whether it’s coffee, home brewing gear or just some espresso machine cleaner, the Five Senses webshop has everything you need, along with great stocking fillers. We personally have our eye on the ‘Wayfarer Travel Kit’ (a portable coffee set in a custom travel brew bag), and their Baratza ‘Sette’ grinders: a must-have for any home barista.

So from Ben, the Five Senses team and all of us here at 3tt, we hope you enjoy our season of giving - and wish you a very happy, caffeine-filled Christmas.


Instagram: @5sensescoffee