July 08, 2016

Lets get ready to Rumble...

You might think it’s going from one extreme to another to talk about combat sports and then specialty coffee. But for the men behind Rumble Coffee Roasters, it makes perfect sense. Named after a love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, Rumble is a young and energetic roastery that creates knockout coffee for Melbourne and beyond.

Based in Kensington in Melbourne’s west, Matt, Stan and Joe founded Rumble after a decade of training in Melbourne’s coffee roasting and café scenes. Upon entering the lofty, exposed-brick roastery reminiscent of Melbourne’s famous inner city laneways, we’re greeted by stunning Toper and Probat roasters, as well as a menagerie of beautiful, brightly coloured coffee bags.

As a company run by three dudes, the trio thought they’d soften things up when it came to Rumble’s branding: “The birds on each bag come from the coffee’s country of origin - it’s also a great way to learn more about where our beans come from.”

Sourcing from the best growing regions in the world, Rumble are on a constant search for delicious coffee, aiming to develop each roast for ultimate sweetness and body. For Three Thousand Thieves members, the espresso roast is from the Panama Don Pepe Estate: a deliciously sweet and balanced coffee with notes of red apple, creamy caramel and a panela sweetness.

For the filter, we have a brand new arrival: the El Salvador Supersonic. Blended from three neighbouring farms, all the coffee is grown at the same altitude, then picked and processed on the same day. The result is a fruity punchiness with an aroma that bursts right out of the bag, evocative of strawberries and cream with milk chocolate and candied orange.

“It’s an amazing industry that covers the world and touches nearly everyone on a daily basis. And coffee is the most delicious beverage ever created.”

Taking the “hipster” out of the specialty coffee equation, the trio have created a clean and simple offering that showcases the bean’s best flavours: “We strive to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. You shouldn’t need a beard and tattoos to appreciate the flavour and nuance of a great single origin.”

When asked what advice they’d give to coffee lovers around the world, here’s what they had to say: “Give all your friends and family fresh coffee and coffee gear as presents. There is far too much bad coffee being drunk every day and it’s up to us to change that. Once you get someone hooked on the good stuff, they’ll fling their tin of Nescafé away and live happily ever after.”

And they couldn’t be more right - after the first sip, we think you’ll be hooked too.

The competition had better watch themselves in the ring: Rumble is an energetic new player in the specialty coffee arena, roasting stunning coffee that we believe is a total K.O.

Stay in touch with them on Instagram @RumbleCoffee 

Shots by Pia Hambour for Three Thousand Thieves.