February 22, 2016

A favourite, reimagined

Whenever we see a roaster radically change something we like to think that they’re basing those changes from direct friction or desire come about in recent months/years. 

Something that has either told them the old way is not working and needs to change, or that their aspirations change in reflection to what customers are shifting to, and craving to see where the market leads them.

In this case with Sensory Lab, it’s very much the latter. Their aspiration to go beyond the brand name we all know and love in Melbourne is now truly reflected in their brand new packaging for their key staples; seamless, steadfast and seasonals. 

“You’ll notice that our brand isn’t even on the bag anymore. It’s a commitment from us that it’s all about the quality and purity of our product.”

Don’t be fooled, this is not just a new bag. This is a major rethink in how the quality and brand of coffee is presented to an audience, and designed to elicit a response that is not based on brand, but based on blend. 

The hero is now the subtle name Seamless that people attach themselves to. This aspiration is as bold as they come, and goes one step further than you would think: there is no sign of a logo anywhere on this bag.

Brand blasphemy I can hear you say! We think it’s a stroke of genius. Clarity and focus on product above all else is a philosophy any roaster can talk about. But when it comes to walking the walk, Sensory Lab have innovated in perhaps a way only they knew how. Designed by We Are Hunter, their new retail packaging is polarising coffee lovers and casual goes alike. More importantly, it’s creating a conversation about how we think about coffee, and what’s most important when it comes to communicating it.

Launching their with Sensory Lab’s new brand direction, today we have something special for you. A Nariño Mombuco single for our Filter members, and the classic reimagined, Seamless blend for our Espresso members.

Let’s start with the espresso. Silky custard sweetness of red apple, grapes, cherry and candy floss. Some slight lemon-citrus acidity like a little lemon tart on a windowsill waiting to be tasted. This is a combination of 60% Colombia Rio Claro and 40% Guatemala Antigua Alom.

For the Filters the Narino single is bringing a heap of butterscotch and brown sugar, orange marmalade, and green grape acidity. It’s the sweetness you need when you wake up in the morning. 

With the quality of Seamless always a top grade, it was only natural for their brand alignment and execution to be just as on-point. Love it or hate it, Sensory Lab know how to push the boundaries and start new conversations about what you think when you think about coffee.