Little Ripper and Colombian Women by 23 Degrees

Little Ripper and Colombian Women by 23 Degrees


Every so often you come across a business and its people so committed to their cause, it makes you want to stand up, move to Colombia, and shout from the coffee growing mountain tops. This is one of those days. 

23 Degrees is the latest specialty coffee roaster to hit the Melbourne coffee scene. Tina Wendel and Anne Cooper are the dynamic duo behind this exciting brand, focusing on bringing women to the forefront of coffee.

A brand focusing on creating a 360 degree showcase for women in coffee at the top of their game, Tina has crafted a team and process that has second-to-none quality and traceability. Her entrepreneurial spirit runs deep into the philosophy of this new concept: “I have always been inspired by the vision and courage of entrepreneurs in Australia. A wise person once told me that the best time to have planted a tree was 20 year ago, and the second-best time is now. Immersing myself in Melbourne’s amazing coffee culture, I just knew it was the right place, venture and time to pluck up the courage and give it a damn good go!” 

From there she recruited award-winning Anne Cooper as a coffee roasting consultant through her company Equilibrium Master Roasters (Anne is a certified Q-Grader and Judge, member of the SCA Roasters Guild Executive Council, Judge for the Cup of Excellence and current Head Judge of the Golden Bean, just to name a few). 23 Degrees coffee is sourced from First Crop green bean importer and founder Celina Lazaru, and the Women Coffee Growers Project in Colombia - an initiative for women who have survived through wars and strife, and now continue to farm coffee. As you can see, 23 Degrees is not something done on a whim: this is a carefully crafted model that focuses on quality and flavour in a special way that empowers women across the chain.

Nothing represents this ethos more than the coffee we have today. For filter, we have a Colombian single from the Women Coffee Growers Project. A stunning vanilla and mandarin flower-bomb that will delight the senses and make you wonder how you ever drank anything else. This coffee is a limited run, chosen especially for 3tt members, and highlighting how 23 Degrees focuses on making specialty coffee accessible at all stages of development. 

For espresso we have the delicious Little Ripper, a smooth creamy cup full of chocolate, strawberries and shortbread, with a pleasant underlying sweetness. This espresso seasonal blend combines two stunning single origins from Brazil and Peru: Fazenda Santa Ines, a previous Cup of Excellence Brazil winner, and a Finca La Naranja of Miraflores in Peru. 

So what's in store for the future? 23 Degrees is soon to launch a new women-coffee-grower line, featuring different female growers from around the world.

We're delighted to see more outstanding coffees from women-run farms entering the speciality coffee arena - so sit back and enjoy this month’s coffees, and join 23 Degrees on their exciting journey ahead.

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Experimental and Exceeding Expectations

Experimental and Exceeding Expectations

This month at Three Thousand Thieves we’re focusing on the creativity and ingenuity behind specialty roasting. And who better to feature than Uncle Joe’s Coffee, headed by Mark Leo. Priding himself on trying new and exciting ways to get the best out of the bean, Mark’s experimental approach breaks all the rules in the best possible way (like coffee with an unbelievably long shelf life - that’s right, we cupped an eight month old coffee that tasted incredible. Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading and we think we’ll change your mind).
Like most of us, Mark’s love of coffee had very humble beginnings. “For me, my coffee journey began in late 2008, when I walked into a franchise chain coffee store,” says Mark. “Prior to this I had never really been a coffee drinker, only ever going out for coffee once in a blue moon.” What began as a simple curiosity over a gold medal sticker on a coffee bag, soon turned into an all-consuming quest to unlock the mysteries of the bean. Cut to the present day, and Mark is one of the most respected roasters in the industry, having won a host of awards including Overall Winner at both the 2014 and 2015 Australian Compak Golden Bean Competition (the largest coffee roasters competition and conference in the world).
Our first feature coffee is a labor of love for the crew at Uncle Joe’s. Teaming up with experimental coffee growers Prakash and Mohan of Riverdale Estate, the Selection 9 showcases the potential that’s coming out of India right now. A stunning espresso option, it’s a genetic blend of Ethiopian Tafarikela and Hybrido-de-Timor; a cross of Ethiopian and Indonesian varietals. Think of it as a single varietal ‘Mocha Java’. On the palette you can expect exquisite notes of lush velvety chocolate, orange, caramel, clove and spices with a medium acidity. If you’re brewing the Selection 9 on a commercial espresso machine, Mark recommends: 21g dose, 94°C water temperature, 45ml yield over 28-33 seconds.
For the filter, we’re showcasing Uncle Joe’s signature blend: the Purple Haze. A blend of two natural Ethiopians and a Kenyan varietal, it has a well-balanced, clean, sweet and tropical fruit flavour upfront, which then develops into red grape, apple and blueberry. A real pocket rocket, the Purple Haze has won a host of accolades three years running at the Golden Bean Awards. Mark recommends a 1:15 (coffee:water) ratio, 96°C water temperature and 3-5 minute brew time.
Recently making the move from Brisbane to Victoria, Mark’s excited about the opportunities that Melbourne has to offer - and is opening a brand new Uncle Joe’s venue opposite Swinburne University in Hawthorn very, very shortly. Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates: @unclejoescoffee
“Melbourne has an amazingly vibrant and diverse coffee scene. The energy within the coffee community is so invigorating and inspiring.” 
So what’s in store for Uncle Joe’s in the future? “We love discovering super passionate producers who are just as fanatical as we are. We’re also excited to be bringing a unique brewing / infusion method to the market: the BKON brewer is a reverse atmospheric infusion device.” You can check out the BKON at the new Uncle Joe’s showcase store, opening soon.
So come on an experimental journey with us as we try some of the most innovative coffee on the market. After all, when it comes to Uncle Joe’s Coffee, they don’t just meet our great expectations, they exceed them. 

Rose Street Blend by Industry Beans

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…
When you think of great Melbourne coffee, you often think of Fitzroy. The stylish Melbourne suburb has become synonymous with not only incredible specialty coffee, but also ultra-modern fashion, food and art. This month, Industry Beans pays homage to one of our most hipster districts with the Rose Street: a delicious blend of 50% Santa Serra (Brazil), 25% Kalledevarapura Estate (India) and 25% Mutwari (Tanzania). 
Affectionately named after the roastery’s location at 3/62 Rose Street in the heart of Fitzroy, the blend reflects the area’s chic architecture and design. Industry Beans is housed in an open-plan, award-winning warehouse conversion that stands among the suburb's world famous street art and graffiti. It’s a stunning, lofty space, featuring polished concrete floors, exposed wood panelling, an open roastery and upstairs cupping lab. During the week you can enjoy a long black in the tranquil front courtyard, while on weekends the area buzzes with the adjacent Rose Street Market, selling handmade crafts from local artists. 
“We are so in love with our neighbourhood and I can’t express how much we enjoy the culture and the love Fitzroy brings to Melbourne… we want to spread that feeling.”
Composed of three single origin beans sourced from farmers on three separate continents, the Rose Street is a seriously satisfying blend with notes of subtle citrus brightness, red cherry and a long, satisfying cocoa finish. It’s sure to be a hit with both third-wave coffee snobs and traditional palates alike, making it your weapon of choice at home or in the office.
To get the best out of the Rose Street Blend on your espresso machine, Industry Beans recommends:
Split shots (regular strength): 23 grams in, 26 grams out. Run for 28-30 seconds
Double Ristretto: 23 grams in, 30 grams out. Run for 20-22 seconds.
Inspired by the third-wave coffee movement, brothers Steve and Trevor Simmons founded Industry Beans back in 2010. Driven by curiosity and a belief that the coffee roasting process offered possibilities yet to be fully explored, the brothers set up in a tiny garage on a shoestring budget and began roasting coffee for themselves. Almost five years on and Industry Beans has established itself at the cutting edge of Melbourne’s internationally renowned coffee scene, recognised with a succession of awards including "Melbourne's Best Boutique Roaster” in 2014 by Fairfax Media.

“We see coffee as something complex and delightful, with many possibilities – something a bit like wine. Different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive to savour and celebrate,” says brothers Steve and Trevor.
So don’t let the fear of the thorn keep you from the rose - this delicious blend is sure to satisfy ;)