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It's amazing how many passionate, artisan coffee roasters there are in Melbourne. People who have dedicated their lives to the nectar of the gods. 

We are Three Thousand Thieves. Our mission is to help you discover them all.

A Melbourne coffee subscription with so much more.



Every 30 days we feature a new Melbourne-only roaster and their specially picked beans for the month. 

We don't dictate which beans they want to feature - this membership is about discovery. We allow the roaster to bring to you the beans they're loving at this moment in time. Sometimes a fruity filter roast, sometimes a delicious espresso blend - one thing you can look forward to is an eclectic and inspirational delivery of flavours and experiences that will arrive at your door every 30 days. 

Once a member, each delivery of beans arrives with a beautiful story booklet and a visual flavour profile. It's a great way to treat yourself or someone you like to the world of specialty coffee.


We work with some of the best roasters in this magnificent city. We also continue to discover new roasters, popping up and showing us their passion.

Every member receives a story booklet and a custom shot flavour profile - the best way to experience new beans. Here's some we've just sent out:

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