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Kone Coffee Filter


Designed to make Chemex coffee more sustainable and better tasting, the Kone Coffee Filter is a reusable stainless steel filter that won’t need replacing anytime soon.

The photo etched filter media is carefully designed to allow your coffee’s natural oils through to your mug, producing a creamy body and complex flavor. However, it keeps the micro-grounds out of your cup, eliminating that thick sludge that often occurs with metal filters.

Kone (Chemex) Basic Brewing Instructions:

  1. Grind 32g of coffee at a medium setting and place in filter.
  2. Pour 65g of hot water over the grounds and stop.
  3. After 30 seconds, pour remaining 480g in slow, concentric circles to saturate all the grounds evenly.
  4. Allow the brewed coffee to drain, clean the filter, and enjoy.

You’ll never want to go back to paper filters again – and why would you when you can brew without producing a single gram of paper waste?

The stainless steel cone is fitted with a food-safe plastic support ring that protects your glass Chemex from the strong metal. It also features a flat cone tip to eliminate the risk of accidentally poking yourself or someone nearby. Cleaning up is a breeze: just rinse the entire filter in running hot water.

The Kone Coffee Filter is made for Chemex, but also works in the Able Kone Brewing System and a few drip coffee brewers.


  • Better Pour Over Coffee – Lets aromatic coffee oils into your mug, producing a richer, more complex brew.
  • Photo Etched Filter Media – Stainless steel, machined to last, and reliably built.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly – Eliminates need for paper filters – completely.
  • Structure Support Ring – Food-safe plastic is gentle on your brewing vessel.
  • Flat Cone Tip – Keeps you and your equipment safe from a super-sharp tip.
  • Rapid Cleaning – Easier to clean that other reusables – just rinse under hot water.


  • 1 x Able Kone

The Specifics:

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Generation: 3rd
  • Compatible With: Chemex (6, 8, 10-Cup), Kone Brewing System

How to make coffee with the Kone Filter