Why You Should Avoid Grocery Store Coffee. Here’s Why…

Ever wondered why your store-bought coffee isn’t as fresh & bold as the one you had in your favorite cafe?

Here’s what might have happened to you:

You went to the grocery store and bought a bag of fancy coffee. It’s a bit more expensive than the regular one, so you can expect them to taste outstanding. Or so you think…

The next morning you opened the package and smelled it. Hmmm, it doesn’t quite have the same scent as you expected, but you are still excited about trying it. So you made yourself a big cup of coffee, and… it tastes like the regular stale coffee you drink.

It is not the same

You looked at your cup and the package. Why doesn’t it taste as good as the one you had in your favorite coffee shop?

Is there something wrong with your taste buds? Are your kitchen appliances to blame? Did your supermarket sell you a stale package of coffee?

It’s not you; it’s the coffee.

There is nothing wrong with your senses. It’s the coffee. It’s just not good enough.

But why is that? Why are coffee brands selling such bad-tasting products at premium prices?

The truth about grocery store coffee

Well, big coffee producers' approaches are wrong from the beginning. They used big machines to pick the coffee beans. That means there’s no selection, and some of them are collected when they are still green. Because they need to produce large quantities to be profitable, they can’t waste their time handpicking the best quality beans. They just took it all! And worse, most of the time, the branches, leaves, and bugs will end on your coffee. Sometimes even small birds! No wonder it doesn't taste like coffee…

Over-roasted coffee

If that wasn’t bad enough, these brands then roast the coffee together in giant batches. Well, should I say roast… or burn? That’s what it smells like when you open the bag, and that’s why it has a different scent than the one from your favorite coffee shop. When they roast it, they have to make sure every grain is properly cooked, and because they do it in such big quantities, the only way to do that is to purposefully over roast it. As a result, some of the grains get so toasted that they have to package them as “BOLD” to sell them to you. What that essentially means is that it is burned.

Stale coffee

But that is not all… How long do you think it takes for the coffee to get to your hands? Well, if you add up the waiting time in the factory, the transportation to a warehouse, more waiting until they get delivered to your grocery store, and then the time it takes you to buy it from the shelf… I’d say it’s a long time. Coffee is vacuum packaged, so it can take months for it to go wrong, at least according to the label, but can it stay fresh for that long…? Is it going to taste like the first day? I think you know the answer: the stale flavor you tasted when you made your cup of coffee this morning. Coffee that’s been shelved for months won’t taste fresh because it is not! 

This is what you have always missed from your coffee

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