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Discovery Memberships starting at $15/month – including shipping Australia wide. Begin your coffee journey today.

Every month we feature a new Australian roaster and their specially picked beans and Nespresso® compatible capsules. It’s the roaster’s choice which delicious coffee to showcase. We’re just along for the ride. It can be a fruity filter roast or a delicious espresso blend, one thing you can always look forward to is an eclectic selection of delicious coffee, delivered to your door each month.

New Roaster Each Month

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What our customers have to say

The past 7 months have been full of bold, citrus, dark, fragrant, delicious and glorious flavors courtesy to @3000thieves and all of its partners! They make it possible for me to discover new coffee and new flavors from roasters and coffee shops I will probably never visit in my life! Each bag comes with photos of each roaster! It is like being apart of each roasters story! I love being able to support each one!


I got distracted last night & forgot to post my pic of my new @3000thieves stash from @omarcoffeebird! I just love the little story and photos that come with each new coffee - as a writer and avid reader, it's like a mini-novella (I'm sure I just made that term up) that gives me a greater appreciation of background of the roaster & the coffee. And the little coffee addicts love checking it all out too. The littlest coffee addict was pissed with me bc she wanted to look & read but I wanted to take this pic 🙊


A magical box sent all the way from Australia by 3tt to Mumbai ✌️October edition with cupping notes of red berries and cocoa. YES THE THIEVES STEAL YOUR HEART first with the coffee by @allpressau then with the customer service by Diana Browne .this is a perfect blend so get going and get subscribing @3000thieves @allpressau 😍😍☕️