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Filter Ground Coffee Box

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For those quick starters who enjoy the full flavour of plunger coffee.

All boxes include:

  • Standard Shipping
  • x1 Coffee Scoop Clip
  • Personalised greeting card
  • Monthly Featured Filter Coffee 250g OR 500g.
  • Incasa Coffee & Tea Plunger (3 Cup)

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Filter Coffee Monthly Feature Roaster

250g OR 500g of the 3tt monthly feature Filter roast ground for the plunger - the best roasters in Australia telling their stories and sharing their passion.


Plunger Incasa Coffee and Tea Plunger 3 Cup (350ml)

The incasa lifestyle series plunger coffee and tea maker incorporates classic style and delicious aromatic coffee. It’s the pure and simple way of making coffee which is why coffee tasters use this method to determine the quality of coffee beans and appreciate the roast accordingly.


  • Heat resistant, hardened borosilicate glass beaker.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Replaceable beaker and filter mechanism.
  • Very easy to use.