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Moccamaster CDT Grand Coffee Machine - 1.8 Litre


The Moccamaster CDT Grand coffee brewer is one of the simplest, yet most powerful drip brewers available. It’s also one of the largest, able to brew up to 1.8L in only 8 minutes. The brewer’s 9 hole spray head saturates all the grounds evenly, encouraging a rich, balanced, and consistent brew. While most drip brewers suffer from poor heat retention, the Moccamaster CDT Grand’s copper heating element never misses a beat, maintaining a perfect 92 º – 96 º C.

 Thieves Coffee is authorized reseller for Moccamaster in Australia. 

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How to Use Basic Brewing Instructions
  1. Grind coffee at a medium setting and pour into the paper filter.
  2. Fill the resevoir with water and flip the ON switch.
  3. After 8 minutes, enjoy!

The brewer’s included thermal carafe is insulated, built with stainless steel, and can hold up to 1.8L of coffee. It’ll keep your coffee hot for hours! Two lids are also included. The mixing lid maintains temperature, encourages a homogenous mug, and helps you pour with ease. The travel lid creates a complete seal so you can take your coffee anywhere without the risk of spilling. When the water reservoir is empty, the auto-off function will keep you and your brewer safe from overheating. Designed with premium aluminum, BPA-Free plastic, copper, and glass, this brewer will bring you great coffee for years to come.

Features Moccamaster - CDT Grand 1.8 Litre
  • Simple, Synchronized Brewing – Programmed to brew coffee at the ideal temperature for 8 minutes, taking the effort out of delicious coffee.
  • 9 Hole Spray Head – Saturates grounds evenly to produce a rich and balanced flavor profile.
  • Perfect Brewing Temperature – Copper heating element ensures your coffee is always brewed at the perfect temperature.
  • 1.8L Thermal Carafe – Double walled steel carafe keeps large batches of coffee hot for hours.
  • Mixing + Travel Lids – Mixing lid keeps coffee hot, ensures a homogenous brew, and helps pour with ease. Travel lid seals the carafe completely for safe transportation.
  • Auto-Off Function– Shuts off automatically when water reservoir is empty for safety.
  • Includes What’s in the box
  • 1 X Moccamaster CDT Grand
  • 1 X 100 pc Moccamaster CDT Grand Filters
  • Specifications
  • Materials: Premium Aluminum, BPA-Free Plastic, Copper, Glass, Steel
  • Dimensions: 356mm(W) x 178mm (L) x 457mm (H)
  • X 1 Dispenser
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Carafe Capacity: 1.8L