Get Ready to Rumble!

Rumble Coffee Roasters

Guatemala La Cumbre (Espresso)

Burundi Mbrizi (Filter)

Rumble Coffee Roasters are a coffee heavy-weight champion. Reflecting their working class location in Melbourne’s inner North-West, Kensington. Rumble Coffee Roasters have always been about grit, determination and training for the big bouts.  Innovators in the coffee industry, last year they committed to a series of transparency projects that aim to educate the coffee consumer about their fair trade supply chain. This commitment to openness is designed to make sure coffee growers are well compensated for the outstanding coffee they produce. Their aim is to buy quality coffee at a fair price; a fair price means one that can support the farmer, their family and the environment. In May this year, the company will publish its first annual transparency report followed by an innovative campaign called “Cost of a Cup”  which aims to better communicate its social responsibility efforts to their customers. This initiative is designed to showcase the entire supply chain from farmer to roaster to customer.

To discuss this month’s selections, Three Thousand Thieves sat down with Rumble’s Head of Training and Dispatch Stan Bicknell. According to Stan, “Rumble has had a really strong year, and in addition to our transparency projects we have also doubled down on training. Like in boxing, it’s those extra 10% efforts that make a difference in the end.  For us, helping consumers and our café customers get the absolute best performance from their brewing equipment is essential to appreciate these amazing small batch coffees we’re highlighting.”

To that end, Rumble has launched a series of step-by-step educational videos on the company’s website that show how to brew better plunger, aeropress, pour over and moccamaster coffees.  Called the Brew Guide Series, Stan takes you through everything you need to know - with comprehensive gear lists and step by step instructions so you are getting the perfect brew every time.

When discussing this month’s coffee selections, Stan is effusive.  “These are both amazing coffees. We pride ourselves on roasting exceptional coffees, but these two are in a class by themselves.  For our espresso roast, we picked Guatemala La Cumbre, it has amazing notes of paw paw, raspberry and nectarine and a great, bold flavour.”

“Finca La Cumbre is near Guatemala City on the road to El Salvador. Otto Block bought the farm in 1980 because he loved the location and magnificent views. La Cumbre means “the summit” in Spanish.  Otto first planted coffee there in 1986 when he realised the conditions were perfect for high quality coffee. His daughter Anna took over in 1998 and is a member of the Guatemalan Women in Coffee Association.  The farm employs 15 people year-round and 80 pickers during harvest. At the moment, Anna is replanting the farm and adding new varietals as well as upgrading housing for the pickers.”

For the back-story on this month’s filter selection, Stan tells us about the Burundi Mbrizi.

“This coffee has an amazing flavour profile.  We get hints of apricot, black tea and honey - it’s one of my personal favourites at the moment. The coffee comes from a community surrounding the Mbrizi washing station. The hill where these cherries grow is called Nyabihanga. Mbrizi station opened in 2015 by Salum Ramadham.  Salum now owns 4 washing stations around the area and aims to open more to serve the nearby communities.”

Rumble has been a big fan for several years now, “This is our third year purchasing coffee from Salum. In 2018, we visited during the harvest to cup lots and bring them to Australia. The work being put in blew us away. With multiple coffees being placed in the Cup of Excellence over the years the hard work is paying off. We plan on roasting three different processes from the same station to show the diversity of flavour from the different processing methods.”

For the Guatemala La Cumbre, if brewed on a commercial espresso machine Stan recommends:

-   Dose: 21g in

-   Yield:  44g

Full extraction: 28 seconds

For the for the Burundi Mbrizi:

V60 – pour over method

-    Dose: 22g

-    Yield: 360ml

-   Extraction time: 2 minutes 45 sec

We hope you enjoy this month’s selections from Rumble as much as we do.  Keep punching out the great coffee Rumble – we love your work!

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Humming Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Motobean Coffee Roasters

Motobean “Racer” (Espresso)

Brazil Ipanema Premier Cru “Peach” (Filter)

Calling into Motobean’s roasting facility in Malmsbury at the foot of Victoria’s beautiful Macedon Ranges, a visitor is left with two bold images - lovingly restored vintage motorcycles and the glorious smell of perfectly roasted coffee.

Lachy Evans, Head Roaster, Green Buyer and Barista explains the unique pairing of the mechanical and artisan coffee. “To provide an amazing cup of coffee you have to care about and consider everything from bean to machine. That includes everything along that chain. From the team growing at the place of origin, to roasting, to the skill of the barista, to the final cup… it’s all critical.”  A good example of this philosophy is captured by this months’ filter coffee. “We have a great relationship with the incredible people at Ipanema Coffees in Brazil – it takes years of planning, innovation and hard work to produce something as special as their Premier Cru Peach.”

Evans like to call the links in their coffee chain a “caffeinated relationship” which extends to customer also. “We have attracted a following of people…a community really, that appreciate specialty coffee. They’re interested in where their coffee comes from, the story of the farmer and the tasting notes of our roasted product.”

Dig deeper into Motobean’s tool kit and you’ll also find a group of people that really care about the community they are a part of.  The team have gotten involved in a program of barista training workshops with local community houses and are reaching out to local secondary schools to train young people starting out a career in coffee. Evans says, “It’s great that coffee and the coffee industry can provide opportunities, it doesn't discriminate - anyone can give it a crack!”

For this month’s Espresso blend, Motobean have selected “Racer” – inspired by long nights in the garage this one is a “super punchy” blend with notes of dark chocolate. Racer is a 50/50 blend of Brazil Verventez pulp natural and Colombian Popayan Munchique.

Evans adds that Verventez is a coffee close to their heart, with farm owner Pedro Garbarra Textiera a frequent visitor to Motobean.  “Pedro is passionate about bringing amazing coffee to his region of Brazil and has demonstrated a commitment to reducing yields to allow a much higher grade of coffee,” says Evans, “Pedro also loves a beer, so we get along great!”  If brewed on a commercial espresso machine Evans recommends:

·       Dose: 22g

·       Yield: 40g

·       Extraction time:

·       First Drop: XX seconds

·       Full extraction: 30 seconds

For filter fans, Brazil B65 Microlot “Peach” produced by Ipanema coffees from their Rio Verde farm which is part of their ‘Premier Cru’ program.  The estate is surrounded by 900 hectares of forests including environmental protection areas and 51 springs. Ipanema’s coffee fields are spread over more than 650 hectares.  Among its 69 Terroirs of Fazenda Rio Verde, Ipanema chose the best 32 to be part of the Premier Cru. The varieties are limited to Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon and Red Acaia with minimum altitude of 1,000 meters.

Evan’s believes that Premier Cru is revolutionary in the way that the coffees are branded by tight flavour profiles. Historically, process and varietals have been key in the way in which coffee is labelled.  Ipanema cups every lot and based on the inherent characteristics of the bean they are label with specific batch flavour identifiers hence, the lot ‘Peach’. The overall idea is to be able to collect enough data to predict the way in which a coffee will taste before, during and after the harvest by measuring weather patterns. Understanding each different terroir, coffee varietal and process method.

For the filter method Evan’s recommends an aeropress.

·       Kettle set at a 78c

·       15grams of coffee

·       Add 200ml of water, stir for 45 seconds, put the aeropress together & invert

·       Let sit for another 30 seconds, followed by a 15 second plunge into the cup

·       Total brew time: 1:45

We hope you’ll love this month’s selections from Motobean as much as we do.  As for Evans and his team, they’re off to Brazil again soon to expand their every widening circle of “caffeinated relationships.” Shame they can’t take the motorcycles with them!

Visit the Motobean roastery & cafe:

50 Clowes St, Malmsbury VIC 3446

Check out their website:

Instagram: @motobeanroasters


Pulling all the right strings

The Little Marionette Coffee Roasters

House Espresso (ESPRESSO)

Pura Cepa Project, Sunda Fermentus Naturalis - Indonesia, Papandayan, West Java (FILTER)

A marionette is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings depending on regional variations.

Self-confessed coffee nerd Ed Cutcliffe is the puppet master pulling all the right strings at Sydney-based The Little Marionette.  What started as a one-man show in a tiny facility in Sydney’s Inner West has grown to be a global production, supplying the finest hand roasted coffees to some of the most discerning restaurants, patisseries and espresso bars in Australia and beyond.

Cutcliffe and his growing team scour the world’s best coffee growing regions to bring The Little Marionette customers the finest beans from small, naturally processed lots; never compromising on quality.  Customers have responded with rave reviews and the once tiny troupe is now supplying over 5 tons of beans each week.

Cutcliffe and his team have grown The Little Marionette organically, relying on word of mouth and strong work partnerships to spread their story.  Training and coffee knowledge are also critical parts of The Little Marionette ethos which drove the recent opening of Kippaloo in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.  Part Espresso Bar, part training facility, Kippaloo will keep fans happy and “insiders” across all the latest developments in quality coffee.

For this month’s Espresso blend, Cutcliffe has selected their House Espresso - a crowd-pleaser with a creamy caramel mouth feel with notes of milk chocolate, roasted almond, seasonal fruits and a balanced citrus acidity. If brewed on a commercial espresso machine Ed recommends:

  • Dose: 24g in

  • Yield:  38-40g

  • Extraction time:

  • First Drop: 6-7 seconds

  • Full extraction: 30-32 seconds

For filter fans, Pura Cepa Project, Sunda Fermentus Naturalis from the Papandayan Mountain region in West Java fits the playbill perfectly. This beautiful coffee boasts a complex mix of light berry, spice and almond aromas. Red apple skin, elegant berry, crisp orange, clean citrus acidity and chocolate notes with a lingering rose aftertaste complete a command performance.  If brewed on a Hario V60 Cutcliffe suggests:

V60 – pour over method

  • Dose: 14g

  • Yield: 200ml

  • Extraction time: 2 minutes 45 sec

We hope you love this month’s production from The Little Marionette as much as we do.  We’re pretty sure true coffee lovers will be on their feet calling for an encore!
Insta: @littlemarionette

Visit The Little Marionette in Sydney’s Inner West:

26D Mansfield St, Rozelle NSW

Or at Kippaloo, 10-14 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW

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