The Summer Fruit You've Been Craving All Year

Often in the Melbourne coffee scene, you’re either a fresh up and comer or you’re an institution. It’s perplexing and totally understanding that Industry Beans manages to be both at the same time. 

On one side, brothers Trevor and Steve have been doing this for almost 6 years and counting, starting their following from the hills of Northcote where they began to experiment with food and coffee narratives, making them a must-experience combo whenever in Melbourne.

On the other side, they continue to experiment and reinvent on all gastronomic exercises, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to find when you focus your attendance on the stunning sun-filled warehouse that showcases some of the finest coffee in the city. 

To the naked eye that statement might seem a little odd. But we’ve been keeping a close eye on the progression of Industry Beans over the years to see their brand grow to understand the complexities of the coffee industry, and refine their offering into the clean and simplified display we see today. 

What comes to mind is a quote from Albert Einstein, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler", that states the need to distill complexity into simple concepts to better understand them, but no simpler as to dilute the true meaning itself. 

What we love about Trevor and Steve is that they personify the simplicity and dedication to steer away from the hype that is reflected in their brand. While sitting over an espresso of the limited blend, Trevor tells us what makes this blend so special. “Summer is about the quality of the product - seasonal beans roasted to match the seasonal palette”. 

It really is that simple. Buy the right beans seasonally grown for that period and roast them according to what people want to drink during that season. The result is absolutely breathtaking. 

This exclusive opportunity to feature their new Summer espresso blend was met with open arms. With beans originating from both the Kenta Co-Op in PNG and Matura Hills in Burundi, we knew we were going to be in for a treat. Instantly we got hit with Cherry Ripe bites, raspberries, and an apricot sweetness that lingered on the palette. This is a fruit combo that pulls unbelievably well with milk turning into the best summer milkshake you’ve ever had.

Three Thousand Thieves members are extremely lucky to be experiencing this world-class, super limited Summer blend before anyone else in the world; yet another reason why we continue to love the entire team at Industry. It really is that simple.

Stay in touch with Industry Beans on Instagram @industrybeans

Photos by the talented Katie Goodwin @klickher